Friday, December 21, 2007

YES on A, Fix our parks - Vote Yes on February 5th

YES on A, Fix our parks - Vote Yes on February 5th

If you haven't already heard, the City is placing a bond on the February 5th ballot to fix more of our parks in San Francisco. I would really love your help with getting the message out via your contact lists. If you have questions about the bond, you can get a lot more information at the following websites (, You can also send your questions to

We need to get 67% support on the ballot, and it is a big job, reaching out and educating people about what the "Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond" is and how great it is.

If you are excited about continuing to fix our parks in the City, the campaign website gives you multiple ways to help. You can volunteer in the following ways;
1. Neighborhood walk to educate your neighbors
2. Phone bank to educate voters
3. Setup a presentation for your neighborhood association, PTA, etc.. and of course
4. Donate money

Time is short! The holiday season is a hard time to get our message across and your help would be greatly appreciated. So please forward this email to anyone who uses our parks and would like to see continued improvements and renovations.


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