Monday, March 26, 2007


Rules and Regulations

player code of conduct

League Philosophy:

We are playing soccer for fun. We are not overly competitive. The goal is for everyone to have an opportunity to play soccer to the best of their ability in a friendly and supportive environment. Please do not intentionally commit fouls. Please do not criticize other players or spectators. Instead, please come to the game ready to play good soccer and allow yourself and everybody else to have a good time.

Player Eligibility:

No player under 18 years of age will be allowed to participate, and no high school students are eligible to play.

Laws of the Game:

The "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA and shall be the rules of play followed and enforced by this league Molly's Soccer Group/League (Molly Hwe Thavyxay).

Game Attire:

Shirts/shorts - Players can play in any game attire as they choose. Safety - Players must ensure that cleats, jewelry and other attire, do not pose a danger to anyone. It is recommended that all players wear cleats and shin guards at their own discretion (it is not mandatory).

Rescheduling Games:

If soggy playing fields or other conditions i.e., rain, cause the games to be canceled, then the game will be postponed or played elsewhere.

Playing time per player:

Everyone plays. It is not necessary that everyone has an equal amount of time, however we prefer that even the weaker players get their fair share, even if they do play less than the better players during games. We may play with more than the regulation 11v11 depending on the number of players present at any given time or less than the regulation 11v11.


kuniakunia said...

Hi Molly, this is Kuni. The league philosoply is great. I love it.

molly said...

Hi Kuni...I need help with this blog. I seem to ubable to reformat the layout and adjust the settings, do you know why?

suresquared said...

Hey Molly,
I posted some photos from today's game on our Flickr group. Please feel free to invite people on the email list to join the West Sunset Soccer Flickr pool since the group is private (and no one can see the photos unless logged in). I guess you could also post the photos on the blog too.


molly said...

thanks Ben!